خروس اندلسی آبی Blue Andulusian

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خروس اندلسی آبی Blue Andulusian








نام انگلیسی : Blue AnduluSian
نام فارسی: اندلسی آبی
خروس اندلسی آبی Blue Andulusian خصوصیات: این نژاد جزو نژادهای تخم گذار است و شهرت این نژاد باه استفاده آن در تجارب اصلاح نژاد بر می گردد زیرا که رنگ آن بر اساس قوانین مندل قابل پیش بینی است. نژاد اندلسی در ایالت اندلسی کشور اسپانیا به وجود آمده است و نام خود را از نام آن ایالت گرفته است. گونه جنگجوی این نژاد نیز تولید شده است.مرغ های این نژاد تخم های سفید با حجم متوسط تولید می کنند.

Quoting from wikipedia Blue Andulusian

There is little information on the early history of the Andalusian.[6] Blue chickens from Andalusia were imported to England no later than 1851. The creation of the “international” type of Andalusian, with blue-laced plumage, is attributed to the English, whether in Andalusia or in Britain.[6] Two breeders in particular are thought to have started this process, which took many years: one named Coles, from Fareham, Hampshire, and a certain John Taylor of Shepherd’s Bush, in west London.[7] Andalusians were shown at Baker Street, London, in January 1853;[8] they were not included in the original Standard of Excellence in 1865.[9]

Andalusians reached the United States in about 1850–۵۵, and were included in the first edition of the Standard of Perfection of the American Poultry Association in 1874.[8] The breed arrived in South America in 1870, and was first shown in Germany in the same year.[6] A bantam was created in the 1880s.[1]

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