خروس گاتی نیز Gatinaise

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خروس گاتی نیز Gatinaise



نام انگلیسی: Gatinaise

نام فارسی : گاتی نیز


خروس گاتی نیز Gatinaise خصوصیات: نژادی فرانسوی است که تا حدودی شبیه نژاد براهما بوده و همچنین شباهتهایی به نژاد فرانسوی بوربونز و یا نژاد بوبورگ BOurbourg دارد که در شمال فرانسه زندگی می کند. برخی معتقدند که این نیز» به رنگ سفید خالصی خود متمایز است و تخمگذار خوبی می باشد. استعداد چاق شدن در آن زیاد است. نیمچه مرغ سه ماهه آن ۱/۲۰۰ تا ۱/۳۰۰ کیلو وزن دارند.گوشت و پوست آن سفید رنگ می باشد.


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Diminutive chickens of similar coloration to today’s Dutch Bantams have been seen in the Netherlands for hundreds of years, but the exact origin of the breed is unclear. It is likely that the ancestors of the Dutch Bantam were Southeast Asian bantams brought back by sailors from the Dutch East Indies.[5] Historically, it is supposed that these tiny chickens were selectively bred because only small eggs could be kept by peasant farmers, while larger ones were required to be sent to the kitchens of the landed gentry.[5] The first written referring to Dutch Bantam (as a distinct breed) is from a Hague zoo record dated to 1882, and the Dutch Poultry Club recognized the breed by 1906.[3]

The first transatlantic export of Dutch Bantams was to the United States after World War II; they were first shown in the country in the early 1950s. This initial overseas population died out due to lack of interest from breeders, and the next exportation, to both the United Kingdom and the U.S., was not until the 1970s. The British Dutch Bantam Club was formed in 1982, and 14 colors are standardized. The American Poultry Association accepted the breed in the show ring in 1992, and the Standard of Perfection describes ten color varieties.[6]

To this day the Dutch remains one of the most popular breeds in its home country the Netherlands, has a well-established number of breeders in the UK and Germany, and is quickly gaining popularity in South Africa and the United States

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