خروس کورنیش COrnish

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خروس کورنیش COrnish


نام انگلیسی: COrnish

نام فارسی: کورنیش

خروس کورنیش COrnish خصوصیات: اصل این نژاد از نژاد جنگی هندوستان به نام «کورنیش جنگی هندوستان» بوده که در چند قرن پیش به انگلستان برده شده است و در اواخر قرن نوزدهم کورنیش از اختلاط نژادهای اصیل و مالای و نژاد جنگی انگلیسی و کورنیش جنگی هندوستان به وجود آمده است. پوست آن مانند نژادهای دیگر انگلیسی سفید غالب است ولی اخیراً نوع دیگری از کورنیش به وجود آمده است که رنگ پوست آن زرد غالب می باشد. از نظر کیفیت گوشت و قالب بدن بسیار خوب می باشد.


Quoting from wikipedia Cornish chicken


It is a large, stocky breed, and is often crossed with other breeds to enhance meat production. There are two variates, the Cornish Game and the Jubilee Cornish Game. The Cornish Game is dark blue – green in color, with brown patterning on the hens. Jubilee Cornish Game are much lighter, and less stocky than their counterparts. They are usually light wheaten in color, with light brown patterning.The Indian game, also known as Cornish, is sometimes called the bulldog among chickens; you can actually see the roast chicken shape in it. It was created because people wanted to cross the Asian game breeds with old English game to create a fantastic fighter. However what they got (though not the right build for fighting) was a fantastic meat bird.

It comes in many colors and is quite a popular show bird, though it has a tendency for bad legs due to widely spaced hips. It is also when crossed with a Sussex or a Dorking, an excellent backyard meat bird. On average Indian Game produce 160-180 eggs per annum. Though aggressiveness is a common characteristic they are relatively easy to handle and make good mothers. Indian Game require more space than most other breeds so they may not be suitable for suburban producers or enthusiasts. The Indian Game is however highly prone to parasites, the Cornish must also be provided with extra shelter as their feathers tend to be thinner than other birds.

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