خروس مرغ سبز جنگلی Green Junglefowl

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خروس مرغ سبز جنگلی Green Junglefowl

نام انگلیسی : Green Junglefowl

نام فارسی: مرغ سبز جنگلی

خروس مرغ سبز جنگلی Green Junglefowl خصوصیات: نام لاتین آن Gallus Varius است و یکی از اجداد اولیه مرغ اهلی به شمار می رود. این نژاد در برخی از جزایر جاوه در اندونزی نظیر: بالی، سام باوا، لومبوک و کومودو وجود دارد ولی در سایر مناطق غربی جاوه یافت نمی شود. تخمهای این نژاد به رنگ سفید، زرد روشن و یا خاکستری است. این نژاد با سایر نژادهای اهلی ماکیان تکثیر داده شد و .5 جمله می توان گفت که نژاد «آیام بیکسار Ayam Bekisar» در حقیقت نتاج چنین زاد و ولدی می باشد.


Quoting from wikipedia Green Junglefowl

The colouration of the green junglefowl is sexually dimorphic. The male’s plumage is dark and blackish at a distance. A closer view will reveal an iridescent mantle of gleaming scales reminiscent in colour and pattern to those seen in the ocellated turkey and green peafowl. Each scale is vivid blue at its base and moves through various shades of gold and bronzed green. Specialized plumes framing the throat of the male green junglefowl are highly light reflective and appear violet at the proximal and sky blue at the distal edges. The lesser coverts of the wing are a striking burned orange with bronzed black centers. The distal edges of the greater secondary coverts are vivid ocher.

Like its cousin the red junglefowl, the breast and ventral regions are a dense light absorbing black. Like its closer relative the Ceylon junglefowl, the male green junglefowl exhibits vivid ‘windows’ of bare facial skin that contrast against the dark scarlet red of the face. The green junglefowl exhibits an ice blue center in its comb. A region of electric yellow facial skin extends below each ear, delineating the plumed hackles from gular lappet. Its head is topped by a light blue comb, which turns purple or red towards the top. Its wattle is also of the same colour but is bordered with blue on the edges and yellow closer to the throat. The female is mostly brown with occasional green feathers and has no comb.

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