خروس سوماترا Sumatra

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نام انگلیسی: Sumatra

نام فارسی : سوماترا

خروس سوماترا Sumatra خصوصیات: منشأ این نژاد جزیره سوماترا در کشور اندونزی است و به نظر می رسد که اصل آن از نژاد یوکوهاما باشد. رنگ آن سیاه است و میزان تولید تخم آن متوسط است و کیفیت گوشت آن برای مصرف مناسب است.


Quoting from wikipedia Sumatra

Sumatras are primarily an ornamental breed kept for their attractive plumage. Most often they are a lustrous black with a green sheen throughout the body and tail. The breed comes in blue and white varieties, as well as the unstandardised splash – a natural result of breeding blue chickens. Cocks weigh 2.25–۲.۷۰ kilograms, and hens about 1.80 kg.[1] Hens are poor layers with yearly totals of eggs amounting to about 100 white eggs a year, and are exceptionally susceptible to broodiness.[citation needed] Both males and females have small to nonexistent wattles, and males often have multiple spurs on each leg.[4] The breed is considered a primitive one; the Sumatra retains a strong flying ability, unlike most modern chicken breeds.[citation needed] The males will fight for dominance, though they usually do not fight to the death.

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