خروس دور کینگ DOrking

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نام انگلیسی : DOrking

نام فارسی : دور کینگ

خروس دور کینگ DOrking خصوصیات: شبیه به نژاد سوسکس بوده، بدن آن پهن و عمیق و افتاده است. از خصوصیات دیگر این نژاد اینست که تمام انواع این نژاد دارای پنج می شوند از نظر رنگ نیز دارای انواع مختلف سفید، نقرهای و رنگارنگ می باشند. در نوع اخیر رنگ پرها مختلف است. منقار تیره، ساق پاها و انگشتان سفید، لاله گوش به رنگ قرمز و رنگ پوسته تخم مرغ سفید است.




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One of the earliest known mentions of the Dorking was by the Roman agricultural writer Columella during the reign of Julius Caesar. In his text, Rei rusticae libri, he described the breed as, “square-framed, large and broad-breasted, with big heads and small upright combs…the purest breed being five-clawed”. Pliny also described a similar bird with an odd number of toes in his Naturalis Historia. Although Caesar noted that poultry was already raised in Britain prior to his invasions in 55–۵۴ BC, the Red Dorking is believed to have been introduced in Great Britain by the Romans at an early date where much of its development continued to take place.[4][5]

They appeared in the first British poultry show in 1845, together with the Sussex breed, which is believed to be derived from the Dorking.[6] The birds are named after the market town of Dorking in Surrey which in the nineteenth century became one of the main centres of production.

They were admitted in to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1874.

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