خروس بوکی آیز Buckeyes

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خروس بوکی آیز Buckeyes




نام انگلیسی: Buckeyes

نام فارسی: بوکی آیز

خروس بوکی آیز Buckeyes خصوصیات: این نژاد در سال ۱۹۰۴ در آیالات متحده آمریکا استاندارد شده است و در منطقه «بوکی آی» ایالت اوهایو به عنوان نژادی دو منظوره به وجود آمده است. خانم متکالف Metcalf از منطقه وارن Warren در اوهایو اقدام به پدید آوردن این نژاد نمود. وی مشاهده کرد که نژاد «رد آیلند رد تاج نخود فرنگی» به هیچ وجه تحت استاندارد قرار نمی گیرد به همین علت آن را با نژاد مزرعه خود آمیخته نمود و در نتیجه نژاد «ابوکی – آی» را به وجود آورد.



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The Buckeye was first bred and developed in 1896, by a Warren, Ohio resident named Nettie Metcalf.[6] They are the only American breed of chicken known to have been developed by a woman, despite the fact that women were customarily given charge of the household poultry flock throughout much of U.S. history.[7] Metcalf crossbred Barred Plymouth Rocks, Buff Cochins, and some black breasted red games to produce the Buckeye. Her goal was a functional breed that could produce well in the bitter Midwest winters. Contrary to popular belief the Buckeye breed was created before the Rhode Island Red breed and Metcalf actually sent birds to the RIR breeders for them to improve their breed.[8]

The Buckeye was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection in 1904.[9] Entrance into the Standard of Perfection signifies official certification as a breed by the Association, and thus allows Buckeyes to be entered into poultry shows and judged according to the breed standard (as outlined in the Standard of Perfection).

The recognition of Buckeyes in the Standard has been a significant factor in its survival.[6] In the past, largely due its lack of color variations, the Buckeye has not been an especially popular exhibition breed, but there is growing interest in the exhibition poultry fancy for this dual-purpose variety of bird. Not adopted by commercial operations, the Buckeye has generally been a bird of smaller farm flocks. Today the breed status is listed as threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy,[10] threatened being defined as Threatened: Fewer than 1,000 breeding birds in the United States, with seven or fewer primary breeding flocks, and estimated global population less than 5,000.[11] The breed is also included in the Slow Food USA Ark of Taste, a catalog of heritage foods in danger of extinction.[12]

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