خروس ارپینگتون Orpington

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نام انگلیسی : Orpington 

نام فارسی: ارپینگتون

خروس ارپینگتون Orpington  خصوصیات: از شهر ارپینگتون در ایالت کنت انگلستان منشأ گرفته و دارای بدنی کشیده و عمیق است. دست و پا کوتاه و استخوانها درشت می باشد. از نظر بدن جمع و جورتر از نژادهای آمریکایی است. تولید شان از نظر تخم مرغ نیز خوب می باشد. شکل تاج دراین نژاد ساده ، رنگ پر ممکن است خرمایی ، سیاه ،سفید و آبی باشد.

Quoting from wikipedia Orpington

The original Black Orpington was bred by William Cook in 1886 by crossing Minorcas, Langshans and Plymouth Rocks to create a new hybrid bird. Cook selected a black bird that would exhibit well by hiding the dirt and soot of London.[4] When the breed was shown in Madison Square Gardens in 1895, its popularity soared.[3] Cook also bred the Orpington Duck.[5]a

The original colours are black, white, buff, blue and splash.[citation needed] Although there are many additional varieties recognised throughout the world, only the original colours are recognised by the American Standard, the Buff being the most common colour.[6] In the beginning of the twentieth century, Herman Kuhn of Germany developed a Bantam variety.[7] The Bantam retains the appearance of the full-size bird, but in a smaller size. There is a large variety of colours in the Bantam version, including black, blue laced, white, buff, red, buff black laced, barred, buff Columbian, and birchen.[7] The Bantam retains the friendly personality of the Standard breed, and seldom or never flies.


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