خروس ابریشمی Silkie

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نام انگلیسی: Silkie

نام فارسی: ابریشمی

خروس ابریشمی Silkie  خصوصیات: منشأ این نژاد کشورهای چین، ژاپن و محتملاً هند می باشد. این نژاد مرغی نسبتا کوچک بوده و جثه ای کوچک دارد. این نژاد به خاطر دو صفت کیفی اش یعنی پرهای ابریشمی و غریزه مادری قوی مورد توجه قرار گرفته است. پرنده ای زیبا با بدنی جمع و جور و سری به شکل توت فرنگی و پنج انگشت و ساق پای پردار می باشد.


فروش تخم نطفه دار مرغ ابریشمی

Quoting from wikipedia Silkie


It is unknown exactly where or when fowl with their singular combination of attributes first appeared, but the most well documented point of origin is ancient China (hence another occasionally encountered name for the bird, Chinese silk chicken). Other places in Southeast Asia have been named as possibilities, such as India and Java.[2] The earliest surviving written account of Silkies comes from Marco Polo, who wrote of a furry chicken in the 13th century, during his travels in Asia.[3] In 1598, Ulisse Aldrovandi, a writer and naturalist at the University of Bologna, Italy, published a comprehensive treatise on chickens which is still read and admired today. In it, he spoke on “wool-bearing chickens” and ones “clothed with hair like that of a black cat”.[4]

A Black Silkie hen and a non-Silkie chick. The breed is renowned for its broodiness and mothering abilities.
Silkies most likely made their way to the West via the Silk Route and maritime trade. The breed was recognized officially in North America with acceptance into the Standard of Perfection in 1874.[2] Once Silkies became more common in the West, many myths were perpetuated about them. Early Dutch breeders told buyers they were the offspring of chickens and rabbits,[3] while sideshows promoted them as having actual mammalian fur.[5]

In the 21st century, Silkies are one of the most popular and ubiquitous ornamental breeds of chicken. They are often kept as ornamental fowl or pet chickens by backyard keepers, and are also commonly used to incubate and raise the offspring of other chickens and waterfowl like ducks and geese and game birds such as quail and pheasants.

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